Sam Smith Unleashes “Inner Dancing Queen” in New Music Video

Wake up and watch “How Do You Sleep?”

Have we been sleeping on Sam Smith's dancing skills?

The British singer-songwriter has released a hot video for “How Do You Sleep?,” a slick new collaboration with Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, and Ilya.

"I have never been this excited for a release," Smith, 27, had teased on Twitter. "My inner dancing queen is about to come out. You ready?" But no, we were not ready.

Directed by Grant Singer with fierce choreography by Parris Goebel, the clip shows the genderqueer Grammy winner serving some major steps and voguing poses alongside shirtless male dancers. Come on, hips!

"My heart is beating so fast. I am so proud of this one. Thank you to all the beautiful humans around me who have helped me really come out my shell over the past year," Smith wrote on Instagram. "WE DID THAT. I hope you all enjoy this and please learn the moves so we can dance together one day soon.”

“This year, both personally and musically, I feel so free," said Smith in an official statement. "More than ever I have had so much fun making this record and this video. Time to dance darlings.”

We're so into voguing right now.

Get into the "How Do You Sleep?" video below.

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