"Black Lightning" Season 2 Will Bring the Return of This Queer Character

Grace Choi is making her return to the show for its second season.

CW's Black Lightning is making a return for its second season. Scheduled to premiere in October, the new season is expected to bring new plot twists and a return of fan-favorite characters, which will include one queer character.

Actress Chantal Thuy, who played Grace Choi in season one, posted to her Twitter a picture confirming that she will be returning for season two.

In season one, Choi was a love interest for lesbian superhero Anissa Pierce (Nafeesa Williams), aka Thunder. But Choi is a superhero in her own right—in the comics, she is a bouncer at a metahuman club and a member of an offshoot tribe of Amazons, the race of female warriors Wonder Woman belonged to.

Choi didn't have as much screentime as fans would have liked during the first season, but her return is expected to address—and possibly rectify—that.

Black Lightning returns to The CW in October. The series airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT following episodes of The Flash.

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