Rugby Players Can't Keep Their Shorts On In This Ode To Athletes Being Pantsed

We just became sports fans.

Hand-eye coordination was never our strong suit, so we're impressed at even the slightest athletic talent. But even still, we never realized that sports stars have to worry about winning the game and keeping their clothes on at the same time.

Luckily for us, HuffPost UK created a video that highlights the many times that rugby players have lost their shorts on the field, and it's a beautiful sight to behold.

YouTube/ HuffPost UK

Rugby is a contact sport, so you can't blame athletes for having their clothes ripped off of them every now and then. Our only regret is not realizing this happened sooner, so we could have tuned into more games.

YouTube/ HuffPost UK

Teammates are often seen spanking each other's bums after losing their shorts, and at one point, a player actually flies face first into a bare bottom. Sports are hard!

YouTube/ HuffPost UK

Check out the tribute to rugby players with their bare bums on display in the video below.