Watch! Is This The Greatest Adam Lambert Interview Ever?

Adam Lambert is on a whirlwind tour promoting the release of his third album The Original High, which is out ... TODAY! (Check out our 3.5 out of 4 review here), and last week he stopped by the ... unique ... British talk show Chatty Man to be delicately grilled in his own juices by Alan Carr, for whom the word "irrepressible" was created. Also ... "gay"

Adam and Alan are hilarious together, riffing on sleeping with a woman (Is it like a venus flytrap?), coming out in America vs. England ("I got a grant and a chat show"), Brian May's ... frizzy hair ... and through it all, Adam is completely relaxed and at ease. It's the most fun I've seen him have during an interview. Take a look!

(Big H/T to Darrien for the heads up!)