Homophobic Memories Pizza Just Catered This Gay Guy's Wedding

Memories' owners famously swore they'd never provide pizza for a same-sex wedding, but Robin Trevino found a loophole.

Remember Memories Pizza, the Indiana pizzeria that swore it would never cater a gay wedding? Months after playing the "religious freedom" card—and raking in $840,000 in donations—Memories owners Crystal O'Conner and dad Kevin just catered their first same-sex wedding nuptials.

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Comedian Robin Trevino was getting married to partner Jason Delgatto in their home state of Illinois, but decided to drive to Walkerton, Indiana, on Friday to get a few pies from Memories for the reception.

On Saturday, the happy couple—and their 1-year-old daughter—served Memories Pizza to all their guests.

Trevino recorded his experience, and the aftermath, as part of a video series for gay comedy troupe GayCo, which is celebrating a different state each week to commemorate the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling.

He never told the Conners what he was ordering the pizzas for, but it's still rewarding to see someone find a loophole around their bigotry.

Watch Trevino's video, and a clip from his wedding ceremony, below.

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