Alaska Skewers The Year's Biggest "Drag Race" Scandal With "Valentina" Music Video

Finally, "Despacito" will be in our heads for all the right reasons.

There are certain moments in history that are so monumental, you remember exactly where you were when they happened. O.J.'s infamous Bronco chase, the tragic death of Princess Diana, and, most recently, Valentina refusing to take off her mask during a lip sync for her life on the ninth season of Drag Race.

All Stars 2 champion Alaska is now proving once again why she was so deserving of the crown by serving us a brilliant breakdown of the historic moment in musical parody form.

YouTube/Alaska Thunderfuck

Set to the tune of the summer's biggest ear worm, "Despacito," the queen sings in Spanish about the notorious Season 9 stunner while alternating between her signature looks: a beret, a cowboy hat, and, of course, the mask.

YouTube/ Alaska Thunderfuck

As a Drag Race superfan herself, Alaska is famous for tackling the most buzzed about moments from the show in her videos. This time around she references Farrah Moan's accusations from the reunion that Valentina wouldn't answer her calls and sings about Nina Bo'Nina Brown's obsession with her Kardashian: The Musical role.

"Por qué Blac Chyna no es Nina Bo'Nina?" she sings, asking the question we're certain Nina is still waiting for an answer to.

Celebrate the scandalous star of Season 9 with Alaska's "Valentina" video below.

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