You Might Not Want To Look At These Photos Of ISIS Throwing Two Gay Men To Their Deaths

The same day we learned the Supreme Court would hear four marriage equality cases, comes shocking news from Iraq, where the Islamic State (ISIS) has released images depicting the execution of two men accused of being homosexuals.

Note: These images are very disturbing. Others that were released are too graphic to share here.

In the first photo, a crowd gathers outside a building in Mosul, a city about 250 miles north of Baghdad and the largest city controlled by Isis.

The men are described as having been convicted by an Islamic court of sodomy, or the crime “of the people of Lot."

In the final image, the victims' corpses were shown lying on the street in front of the mob.

ISIS reportedly also released images of a woman being stoned to death, her limp body buried under rubble, and two men crucified for stealing, and then being shot in the head from behind.

The images were reportedly circulated among ISIS members and supporters on Twitter.

h/t: Pink News

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