Damon Cardasis Talks Lies, and The Bitchiness of Posh Spice

[caption id="attachment_82344" align="aligncenter" width="607"] Yeah, he's done some modeling.[/caption]

(Super sexy) Damon Cardasis is one of the newest stars on The show he co-created with Shannon Walker, Vicky and Lysander, is coming to Wednesday, December 19th at 3 PM ET.

We recently chatted with this charismatic (and super sexy) New York-based writer, director, and Co-Creator of The LES* Film Festival, and asked him to answer everyone's favorite nine questions. (Also, he's super sexy).

1. What Movie line do you use, possibly too much?

"I'm outtie!" Although, I still think it's cool.

2. Church of Scientology or Church of Latter Day Saints?

I'm too scared to answer this...

3. Trend you’d be happy to see the end of?

"Sh*t Anyone Says"

4. Favorite Cher song & why?

"Dark Lady" because it reminds me of driving in the car with my friend Mike or "Song for the Lonely" cause only Cher could rebuild NYC by singing.

5. Which Spice Girl are you?

Posh. Cause people think I'm a bitch and never smile.

6. Marry, F*ck, Kill: James Franco? Ryan Gosling? or Channing Tatum?

Marry Ryan Gosling cause he seems kinda cool. Fuck Channing Tatum cause he's got the moves and is hot, and Kill James Franco because it's the one thing that he hasn't "done" yet.

7. Who do you stalk on Facebook?

People in community theater.

8. Best drunk text you’ve ever sent or received?

Received: "Where are u sweet innocent little girl?"

9. Lie you always tell?

I actually don't lie. I'm really bad at it. Maybe "you look great?"

We're going to hold Damon to his story of being a bad liar, because we actually do look pretty great.

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