Meet The Gay Couple On Syfy's "Olympus"

Wayne Burns

A couple of weeks ago Syfy debuted their new original series Olympus, a sword & sandal adventure involving Gods, palace intrigue, deception, and questionable facial hair. The show is decidedly low budget (aka "Canadian"), and the CG effects (almost everything you see is green screen) can best be described as ... quaint. They have an old school Playstation feel, ala such classic games as Ico

Ugh! I died a million times on this level

The show follows a heroic hero named ... "Hero," and his journey of self-discovery, but we're here to discuss the character of Prince Lykos (played by Wayne Burns), son of King Aegeus and Madea. When Aegus is temporarily indisposed, Lykos has to fill in as figurehead, much to the skepticism and downright mockery of most of the King's military leaders.

But it turns out that Lykos has a natural affinity for subterfuge and cunning, and makes a series of brilliant strategic moves against the enemies, and earns the respect of his Hot Uncle Pallas. But then something intriguing occurs ... when Lykos is rewarded for his battle victories by being offered a sacrifice (in the form of a crying, naked slave), he can't go through with the killing, and throws his sword down and runs away.

Everyone is confused, but Pallas realizes "He didn't want to hurt him. On the contrary, I think he wanted to hold him." The army general sputters "Are you suggesting ... but he's heir to the throne!" but Pallas is a member of PFLAGAG (Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays of Ancient Greece), and in the next scene, he's offering Lykos something more to his liking.

Meet Kimon (played by Levi Meaden), who is to be Lykos' "scribe" (is that what they called it?), who will follow Lykos around and transcribe his every word for posterity. Pallas tells him "If you approve, he will become a trusted and loyal servant. Eager to please ... whenever ... wherever." He then orders Kimon to "kiss your lord and master" Damn, Uncle Pallas is quite the wingman!

Before long, Lykos and Kimon are "transcribing" all over the palace (we don't actually see it, it is Syfy after all, not STARZ), and giving us all the refreshing taste of ... Limon.

That was basically it for last week's episode, unfortunately, this week's episode was light on the Limon (they only had one brief speaking scene together, in which Kimon called him a "True God), and with Levi Meaden only listed for six of the first season's thirteen episodes ... I fear Kimon may come to a tragic end.

Which would be a shame for Limon, and a tragedy for mullet lovers. Look at this thing! It is a true work of art, something that ancient plays and songs should be written about.

First thoughts: Kimon and Lykos are sweet together. I fancy Uncle Pallas. Finally ... damn, this thing needs nudity.

Have you seen it? What do you think?

Olympus airs Thursday at 10 PM ET on Syfy (and various other times during the week, and full episodes can be viewed on Syfy.com)

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