Glee-Cap! Was Last Night's "Glee" a Horror Show? Or Was It "Ab" Fab?

Word around the office this morning and around Facebook is that last night's Glee "Rocky Horror" episode was a hot mess. Boo. Hiss! Big admission: I missed it, but... They yanked out the term "transexual" from the chorus of the iconic "Sweet Transvestite," changing the lyric to "I'm just a sweet transvestite / from SENSATIONAL Transylvania..." WTF? Not cute.

Still, seemed to like it. Also on the plus side, the episode gave the delightful John Stamos lots of screen time, and it was an ab-fest and no one hates that... But, did the Gleeks neuter Rocky Horror too much for the kids?

Either way, check out MTV's amazing Jim Cantiello, who's been delivering brilliant musical "Glee-caps" each week for the new season. And watch out for a drive-by by American Idol champ (and cutest boy in the world) Kris Allen!


AfterElton has a slew of Glee "Rocky Horror" clips and quips up now. And their recap is coming soon... But what did YOU think?

Is a shirtless Matthew Morrison a good thing? Or just... "meh" Watch the whole dang thing after the jump!

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