Westboro Baptist Church Combats "LoveIsLove" Clefairy With Anti-LGBT Jigglypuff

The WBC has stepped into the virtual world of "Pokémon Go" with a message of hate.

Since its launch last week, Nintendo's Pokémon Go has mobilized thousands of players across the globe to get out into the world in search of Pokémon. With phone in hand, users scout for the virtual critters at real-life locales that the game's GPS transforms into either gyms or PokéStops.

While most of these locations can be found in public spaces, such as parks or malls, a few have sprung up in surprising spots, including a gym located at the ultra-conservative and anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Yesterday, we reported on the gym and the Pokémon who runs it—a giant Clefairy named "LoveIsLove."

LGBT Pokémon Go users were understandably ecstatic when the news went viral over the weekend, regarding it as a small, yet decisive, jab at the homophobic church.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for WBC to retaliate. Late yesterday afternoon, the church tweeted out an image of popular Pokémon character Jigglypuff holding up a sign reading "Repent or Perish" under the banner "Pokémon Go & Sin No More!"

When asked about the image, church elder Steve Drain told USA Today that when combating sinners, the church tries "to speak whatever language is being spoken." He went on to say that as "despised and vilified" as his church might be, it will be "memorialized throughout eternity."

In the inevitable Pokémon showdown between these two, all bets are on LoveIsLove for the win.

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