Man Attends His First Gay Pride After Coming Out At 85: “I Regret Being Such A Sissy”

A moving 5 Gum campaign shows how Martin is inspiring younger generations.

It's never too late to be yourself.

As part of an inspirational video series for 5 Gum’s new #NoRegrets campaign, Martin, an 86-year-old photographer, explains why he waited until he was 85 to finally come out as gay.

5 Gum

"It’s tough to be an outsider," Martin says. "I regret being such a sissy—so nervous, so bloody shy.”

"I’ve missed the boat as regards finding a lovely partner, a soulmate that I could love, live with," he continues.

As Martin watches a video within the video, we learn how his great regret has "inspired young people to shape their futures and redeem Martin’s past."

"Martin, your story inspired me to be true to myself and to be proud of who I am," one young man tells him. Martin later chokes back tears as he watches another young man prepare to come out to his father via Skype.

5 Gum

Finally, we witness the sheer joy on Martin's face as he celebrates his first LGBT Pride event.

“Go ahead, do it. You’ve got it. You owe it to yourself and to him," he tells other gay men who may be hesitant to live their truth and pursue a same-sex relationship. "Go to it. Be together. It’s wonderful."

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