ISIS Luring Gay Men To "Dates" So They Can Be Murdered


ISIS militants are luring gay men into fake dates in order to capture and murder them, sources within territory controlled by the Islamic extremist group are reporting.

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According to Yaad Hustle TV, "The Hisbah religious police have set up a special brigade of young fighters who are tricking gay men into dates so the Islamist regime can 'prove' they are homosexual.'" The gay men are then murdered so that ISIS-controlled land can be "cleansed" of homosexuality.

As we've previously reported, the punishment for being gay in ISIS-controlled territory is death. Gay men captured by ISIS are usually thrown from rooftops and, if the fall doesn't kill them, are stoned to death by mobs of gleeful onlookers.

[caption id="attachment_186361" align="aligncenter" width="606"]ISIS-gay-man-execution-terror ISIS militants throwing a gay man to his death in January.[/caption]

In April, photos of ISIS militants hugging gay men before murdering them were posted to Twitter. Abu Mohammed Hussam, an activist with the Syrian opposition group Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, told The Daily Beast at the time that "the hugging and embracing is meant to show that by murdering them, the jihadists are helping the victims to expiate guilt for their supposed crimes."

"They hug the men to show the people who are watching that ISIS is not at fault," he said.

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In March, a gay man who escaped ISIS territory told The Daily Beast that he'd been placed on an ISIS watch list after one of his gay friends was captured, and his number was retrieved from that man's phone.

"Before [the war], if the [Assad] regime caught you as a gay, you would give them money and they’d leave you alone,” he said. “Today, if jihadis catch you, they kill you.”