Lil Nas X Has a Standing Invitation to Ride Horses With Madonna

"Madame X is happy to share her last name and a beer with Lil Nas X."

Madame X is an "Old Town Road" fan.

The 61-year-old pop music legend shared a video to her Instagram story yesterday of her kiking with gay country-rapper Lil Nas X at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, where she is currently performing her Madame X tour. Still dolled up as her onstage alter ego, Madonna sat down next to the Grammy-nominated singer and...took a swig from his beer? Yes, you read that right.

When Madonna asked if he'd come to her show alone, Lil Nas X confirmed that he had, and reassured her that he enjoyed the evening regardless.

"I'm in the presence of a legend," he told the pop star. "I'm just happy to be here."

Madonna and Lil Nas X then chatted about where they're from (Detroit and Atlanta, respectively), with the "Medellín" singer pausing for another sip of beer before asking Lil Nas a hard-hitter: "Do you ride horses?" (In case you're wondering, the answer is yes—and Lil Nas X now has a standing invitation to come ride horses with the queen of pop herself at her horse farm in upstate New York.)

The pair discussed astrology, too, with Madge, a Leo, totally clocking Lil Nas X, an Aries, as a fellow fire sign. Is it hot in here or what?

Watch the X family's full kiki below.

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