Meet The Gay Couple Fighting Terrorists And Stereotypes On "24: Legacy"


After nine seasons Fox's 24 has finally introduced its first gay couple.

24: Legacy is a reboot of the popular series originally starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer. For this revival, Sutherland is absent with Corey Hawkins in the lead role.

The Counter Terrorist Unit, the fictional anti-terrorism agency in the series, features two new team members: Andy Shalowitz and Thomas Locke (Dan Bucatinsky and Bailey Chase, respectively)—who play a kick-ass gay couple.

Though the two are currently going through some relationship drama in the series.

In the clip below Andy explains to his co-worker why Thomas ended their relationship. “He broke it off. He thought that if it got out, it would screw up his career. Behind closed doors, when promotions are being handed out, it matters… that’s what Tom thinks anyway.”

If Bucatinsky looks familiar to you it's because he has been a staple on TV for years. Aside from acting, Bucatisnky runs a production company with Lisa Kudrow, Is or Isn't Entertainment. They produced Showtime's Web Therapy and are behind the upcoming legal drama Rebel Law from Eastsiders creator Kit Williamson.


The new season of 24 premiered after the Super Bowl so maybe as more episodes air Andy and Thomas will play a larger role in the plot of the series—and hopefully return next season?

24: Legacy airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

h/t: Pink News

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