RuPaul Is a “Baby Doctor” in Cut “SNL” Sketch

Ru goo gaga!

You've heard of The Good Doctor. Now get ready for "Baby Doctor."

RuPaul repeatedly snatched our wigs while he hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend, but not every sketch made it to air.

You've already seen the Drag Race host and Bowen Yang have an epic Dynasty catfight in a cut-for-time skit, but SNL has released another—this one starring Mama Ru as a 47-year-old doctor who somehow gets switched with a newborn baby.


In the surreal sketch, Dr. Ru is taken home by a happy couple, played by Aidy Bryant and Beck Bennett. Even though he insists he has a wife and kids at home, he ends up staying to live life as a baby—while an actual newborn is performing surgeries back in the hospital.

The fewer questions you ask the better. But would you believe us if we said the sketch gets even weirder?

Check it out for yourself below, but be warned: RuPaul being swaddled is hard to unsee.

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