Madonna's 'Truth Or Dare' Commercial Bares Too Much

No one doubts that Madge has an extraordinary and enviable body--mostly due to seeing it consistently for the past 30-odd years. But has the Pop Queen finally gone a little too far with boasting her décolletage?

In the recent ad for her new fragrance, "Truth Or Dare", Madonna, though filmed in classic black and white and fancy costumes, seems to focus on showing off her more physical assets. Between seductively leaning over in a corset and fondling her breasts in a very cleavage-happy bra, Madonna fully represents her product's motto: "sin is my twin".

ABC, however, seemed to be truly bothered by the ad and has asked for certain edits to be made. While the network taking offense to a little too much sex is a little strange considering the sort of stuff displayed on TV every day, what's even more perplexing is the fact that Madonna, having recreated herself so many times in her career, seems to be stuck in this phase of bland ideas. Can one of the most influential pop artists of all time really not think of a more innovative campaign than "To expose what lies beneath. Infinite possibility" (followed by literal exposure)?

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