Halsey Quietly Announces New Pronouns, Thanks Fans for the Love

Being pregnant "has leveled my perception of gender entirely," said the singer.

Eagle-eyed Halsey stans may have noticed a recent update to their bio on social media.

The "Without Me" singer quietly changed their pronouns to "she/they" on Twitter and Instagram this past weekend, prompting an outpouring of support from fans. Halsey has been openly bisexual for years, but this marks the first time that they have addressed not being cisgender.

After their followers caught wind of the change and praised them for opening up, Halsey responded on their Instagram Story with a simple but heartfelt message: "thank u ❤️".

In an Instagram post from February, Halsey shared how being pregnant with their first child has "leveled my perception of gender entirely." Although they thought that pregnancy would "give me very strong, binary feelings about 'womanhood,'" Halsey instead became "hyper aware of my humanness, and that's all."

"[My body is] doing a remarkable thing," they shared. "And it's grand."

Kehlani, a fellow pop singer who has been openly queer since 2018, also changed their pronouns to "she/they" on social media earlier this year.

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