Sen. Larry Craig Frequently Hired Male Escorts, Former Pimp Alleges

Former Idaho Senator Larry Craig was caught with a "wide stance" at an airport restroom in 2007, but now a new book claims that was just the tip of his man-craving iceberg.

In Confessions of a D.C. Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail, Henry Vinson details the massive male-prostitution ring he oversaw, and named Craig as a frequent customer who “preferred escorts who were quite masculine.”

The Charlotte Gazette reports that Vinson employed up to 20 escorts on a given night in this "extremely lucrative" business, before being named in a 43-count federal indictment as part of the largest gay prostitution ring in DC history. (Vinson eventually accepted a plea deal.)

In his new book, he calls out Craig, claiming he “became a frequent flier of my escort service”

Craig was caught soliciting an undercover police officer for sex in the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, but claimed he simply had a "wide stance" in the toilet stall. He faced charges of lewd conduct, and was caught using campaign funds to finance his defense.

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