Before He Was A Bigshot Movie Star, George Clooney Appeared On All Your Favorite Sitcoms

How did Blanche manage to contain herself?!

Before he was a big-shot movie star, George Clooney was a struggling actor who popped up on some of our favorite sitcoms, like The Facts of Life:

and Roseanne:

But it was his appearance on The Golden Girls that was truly integral to the Oscar winner's future.

Among the countless anecdotes and factoids in Jim Colucci's new tome, Golden Girls Forever, is the news that Clooney's agents asked GG producers to give him a role "so he can maintain his medical insurance."

They did—and a future star was able to stay in the business of show to become the salt-and-pepper-haired fox we all know today.

George played a police officer on stakeout at the girls house while he and his partner investigated the neighbors.

We hope he extended his appreciation for the part—perhaps with a card reading "Thank you for being a friend!"

In honor of his birthday, Logo is airing George Clooney-centric episodes of Roseanne and The Facts of Life, May 6 starting at 1:30pm.