Rodiney Santiago Strips For 2014 Calendar, Talks About His Big Brazilian Package

Rodiney Santiago is taking it all off, yet again, for his soon to be released 2014 calendar, and we have your first look at the calendar's cover.

So check out Rodiney in all his glory above, and see what our favorite A-lister had to say about his abs, his favorite kind of underwear and his big Brazilian package in our recent interview.

Also, if you're in Atlanta, head on over to Rodiney's big calendar release party next week.

NewNowNext: What do you think the sexiest part of your body is?

Rodiney Santiago: I would say my abs, because they help me pay my rent. But people close to me would say my heart.

NNN: If you were a month, what month would you be & why?

RS: February of course, because it's summer in Brazil and Carnaval season. I get to wear my Brazilian Swimwear everyday at the beach. Plus, it's my birthday!!!

NNN: Are you single?

RS: Depend who's asking. LOL!

NNN: Favorite kind of underwear?

RS: Any kind of underwear as long is comfortable and have enough space for my Brazilian package. ;-)

NNN: The Pope is in Rio … what gay bar should his gay staff be going to?

RS: Any of the drag-queen clubs, so they (pope staff) would be inspired by the queens' costumes. But my favorite club is The Week, because that's where the attractive Brazilian men are. Plus, I know the pope's staff won't be there.


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