Homophobia? Hilarious! Gay-Bashing Game Launches On Facebook

video game

Just a few weeks after Orthodox priests led a mob in a violent attack against gay demonstrators in the Republic of Georgia, some genius thought it'd be fun to make a game re-creating that wonderful day.

Call of Taburtekamore of a loud annoyance than an actual game—revisits the attack, which saw priests and others hurling rocks and eggs at some 50 marchers, eventually forcing them to seek shelter in a mini-bus and then disburse. In the game you play a Georgian Orthodox priest who has to defend himself agains an army of rainbow-waving homos. Only, the game play is so dreadful you almost immediately fail—and turn into a giant fart cloud.

Though requests have been made to have Facebook take Taburteka down, its creator doesn't think he's doing anything hurtful: "this game it not anti-gay. it just describes what happened on May 17,” he posted. He also insists the game is "for funny,”

We bet EA is quaking in its boots.