Go Behind the Scenes of "The Golden Girls" Emotional Series Finale

"I think it's time to leave at the height of this beautiful, wonderful show."

25 years ago today we cut into one last cheesecake and said goodbye to The Golden Girls.

The beloved sitcom had been on for seven seasons and was still popular with viewers, but one of the series' star, Bea Arthur, thought it was time to move on—prompting the decision to end the series with a finale on May 9, 1992.

In an interview leading up to the final episode, Seattle news station, KING 5, sat down with the cast of the show to talk about how hard it's been to end the series and why Arthur decided to leave the show in the first place.

"I started out in 1972 with Maude. I have been confined to the box for 20 years now, and I think it's time to leave at the height of this beautiful, wonderful show," Arthur said in the interview.

"I'm delighted to be moving on," confessed co-star Rue MacClanahan. "This has been a great deal of fun, but I hate pain and I really don't want to feel any. So I've chosen not to be nostalgic or sentimental about this."

Arthur might have left Dorothy behind, but the rest of the cast went onto reprise their roles later that year in The Golden Girls spinoff, The Golden Palace—which only lasted for one season.

The Golden Girls ended its original run in 1992, but the series never went away. The sitcom has been popular ever since in reruns—and now on Hulu—so much so that now there is everything from action figures of the characters to a live puppet parody, a Golden Girls cafe in New York and a podcast devoted to the series.

Watch the actresses' 1992 interview with an inside look at the taping of the finale in the video below.

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