“Drag Race” Inspires Teen to Launch Bake Sale for LGBTQ Youth

It Gets Batter!

To quote Latrice Royale, "Eat it!"

When 14-year-old RuPaul’s Drag Race superfan Lily Ahluwalia learned that some of her favorite queens had struggled as teens, the amateur baker created It Gets Batter, a nonprofit bakery service with 100% of proceeds donated to benefit LGBTQ youth in Minnesota.

It Gets Better Project

It Gets Batter, if you couldn't guess, was also inspired by It Gets Better Project, a global organization that empowers and uplifts young LGBTQ people through storytelling and social media.

"I hope to just really be able to help people and change peoples’ lives for the better, and just make the world a safer place for LGBT youth," says Ahluwalia in a new It Gets Better video. "My message is just there will always be someone out there who will love you, and that you can find your chosen family."

The eighth-grader's edible offerings include “Sashay Away” Sprinkle Rice Krispies treats and customized cookies made to look like your favorite queen!

It Gets Batter

It Gets Batter recently made its first donation to OutFront Minnesota, Minnesota's largest LGBTQ advocacy organization, and Ahluwalia hopes her bake sale will expand to serve communities beyond her home state.

Watch Ahluwalia's It Gets Better video below.

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