Japanese Boy Band Kiss Each Other For Four Minutes In Latest Music Video

MeseMoa's video for "Shadow Kiss" leaves little to the imagination.

All-male Japanese pop group MeseMoa has released a music video where its members kiss each other for nearly four minutes straight.

The video is for the group's latest single "Shadow Kiss" and shows the boys locking lips in a church all while decked out in religious garb.

The smooches range from small pecks on cheeks and feet to full on making out. In total, the guys exchange 36 kisses and fans are eating up, as the video has already racked up well over 300,000 views.

Though this latest effort certainly has homoerotic overtones, the boys have been coy about their sexualities ever since the group first formed in 2012. When once asked by an interviewer if any of them were gay, they simply responded: "I don't know."

See for yourself below.

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