Nike Steps Into Gay Pride With #BETRUE Collection

Nike isn't just supporting the gays before the Supreme Court: The company has launched the new rainbow-tinged #BETRUE collection celebrating the LGBT community and the universal language of sport. (A portion of proceeds help fight discrimination in sports.)

It's the second year of the collection, and Nike is sticking to the rainbow theme again—because why ruin a good thing? It does make it a bitch to coordinate with our outfit, though.

The flagship shoe, the $115 Nike Free 5.0 #BETRUE sneaker, is out now just in time for Pride marches nationwide. They're not just purty—these colorful kicks are advertised as promoting increased foot strength and a "barefoot-like feel," with Nike Flywire technology offering a dynamic, snug fit.

Okay, but why the funky tribal design on the insole—is that some secret lesbian code?

Also included in the 2013 line are Solarsoft sandals ($22) with the same tribal pattern and a range of cotton tees ($25-$30). If you want to go for the full rainbow overload, though, you have to get the tank top and iPhone case.

You can find the whole collection online—or probably at your local Pride festival, sandwiched between the roasted-corn guy and the back massage tables.

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