How Margot Robbie Supported Marriage Equality On "SNL"

Robbie took a stand while hosting the opening episode of the show's 42nd season.

Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie showed her support for marriage equality in Australia by wearing a "Say I Do Down Under" T-shirt on this week's episode of Saturday Night Live.

Though the native Aussie didn't speak on the subject, she made a pretty clear statement with her tee, which is part of a new initiative started by Kylie Minogue's fiancé, Joshua Sasse.

Sasse created the campaign in tandem with local advocacy group Australians 4 Equality as the nation's top politicians continue to drag their feet on the issue of marriage equality.

“I was shocked to find out earlier this year that same-sex marriage in Australia is still illegal,” Sasse wrote on the website. “There are many hurdles to jump in order to make constitutional change, but we are now the closest we’ve ever been to that change.

“Let’s raise our voice and public support for change. Get a shirt. Wear your heart on your sleeve.”

Sasse and Minogue launched "Say I Do Down Under" in the United States Saturday at an event attended by gay icon Dolly Parton.

Check out Robbie rocking the tee below.

h/t: The Gaily Grind

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