Straight Guys Discuss Feeling "Temporarily Gay" When Stoned, Dub Themselves "Highsexual"

Looks like weed is a gateway drug after all.

Straight men who report feeling "temporarily gay" as a side effect of smoking weed are more common than you'd think, according to several self-professed straight guys discussing this very topic on Reddit this week.

"I feel very attracted to girls and not at all to men when sober," an anonymous user said, "but when I get high I just want a big cock to suck and a man who fucks the shit out of me." The admission was posted under the headline, "Weed makes me temporarily gay. Anyone else?"

Apparently this guy wasn't alone. More than a few commenters came to his aide in comments that confirm they too have felt temporarily gay while smoking pot. "Highsexualism," one commenter calls it.

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Man is inhaling a joint. Denmark 2012.

Others claim smoking pot didn't "change" their sexuality but actually opened them up to realizing they were bisexual. "Drugs force issues like sexuality to come up for some people, especially people struggling with it already," pokepat460 writes.

Shoebotm adds:

Maybe it's the boundaries of your Ego dissolving when you've reached that 'transcendent' state, so your guard is down an your 'true' self rears it's head. I'd be curious to how this would work with LSD, I've had friends come out or reveal/discover those feelings while tripping.

Similar posts have even appeared in the r/cocaine and r/LSD subreddits this month, alleging even those drugs made some users feel "temporarily gay," though none of them claimed their sexuality had been "changed" by the drug.

Yesterday, the original post was updated to include the following experience:

EDIT: After that happened for a few time I decided to have sex with a guy. Maybe its because I'm just 19 and he was like 23 but I felt so grossed that I couldn't go beyond oral sex.

The jury may still be out on "highsexual" men, but we're sure this topic has at least one up side: we can officially stop trying to make "spornosexual" happen.