The Greatest '90s House Divas Brought the House Down at Black Girls Rock

Finally-la-da-dee! CeCe Peniston, Robin S., and Crystal Waters returned this week to show us some love.

Here's a hot take: Black ladies are amazing. Every year, BET honors the best, brightest, and bad-bitchiest African-American women with Black Girls Rock!—really, the only awards show that matters. This year's event, which took place August 25 and was televised September 8, brought together three titans of '90s dance music—Robin S., Crystal Waters, and CeCe Peniston—and asked them to belt out their classics.

And I mean belt, henny.

Just look at this. Robin S. showed up after being MIA for 25 years and immediately erupted into the bombastic opening of "Show Me Love." You know what I'm talking about. As soon as you hear that quintessentially '90s four-to-the-floor and Ms. S.'s voice soaring above it, it's time to cut the rug.

After Robin warmed up the crowd, Crystal Waters came voguing down the aisle to her 1991 hit "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)."

The song was famous for its refrain "La da dee, la dee da" as well as for making housing insecurity surprisingly catchy. Mind you, I would have been equally happy if La Waters performed her 1994 hit "100% Pure Love," but I get it. We couldn't go back to the middle and around again because CeCe Peniston was waiting in the wings.

In a lewk, no less. Mama came to fight with a sequined jumpsuit, a finger glove, and a China bob that says, "The way I feel about you, it just can't be wrong." This is gay rights.

And not just because all three of these ladies have been playing the gay party circuit for the past three decades. Fun fact: "Finally" is not only an unofficial gay anthem, but an unofficial black lady anthem. Just look at how fabulous and empowered everyone is here. Look at these best lives being lived. Look at all this black girl magic!

The only person missing from this illustrious lineup is Martha Wash, the massive voice behind such classics as "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" and "Everybody Everybody," two more '90s gems. Otherwise, this is more or less perfect. Speaking of, Angela Bassett needs to stop trying to murder all of us.

Like, we get it, you're the baddest, forever and ever and a day. Please stop slaying. Or at least take a break. If I gag anymore I may never recover.

Now zip up your dancing pants and go get your life with Robin, Crystal, and CeCe below:

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