5 Former Child Stars Who Are Right-Wing Nuts: The Not-To-Be-Missed List

Child stars have a perilous road to travel—if one of them can make it to adulthood without a criminal record, that deserves a pat on the back. Of course, some of them go to the other extreme and get all judge-y and Born Again.

Today, our panel looks at five former kiddie actors who probably have the GOP elephant tattooed on their butt.

Below, check out some of the right-wing stars in their prime—along with their most infamous quotes.

“Taxes are DONE...That should feed, house & provide medical for a few lazy non working people at my expense. Have a great Monday!"—Scott Baio ( Happy Days, Charles in Charge,)

"If a person desires, it is possible to leave behind a homosexual lifestyle. I know this is true because I’ve seen it come true in the lives of many of my friends."—Lisa Whelchel (The Facts of Life)

“I think that [homosexuality] is unnatural. I think that it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive, to so many of the foundations of civilization.”—Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains

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