"Pose" in a Pandemic: How Are They Filming Those Epic Ball Scenes?

In a recent interview, star Billy Porter spilled some tea on the show's highly anticipated third season.

The category is... patience! Because that's what we all need right now.

One of the few highlights of 2020 was the breadth of incredible new television, and even though we watched The Queen's Gambit and I May Destroy You, there was still a Pose-shaped hole in our hearts. The Emmy-winning series concluded its second season way back in August 2019, and filming for Season 3 was paused in the spring when the COVID-19 pandemic hit New York.

Michael Parmelee/FX

POSE -- "In My Heels" -- Season 2, Episode 10 (Airs Tues, August 20, 10:00 p.m. e/p) Pictured: Indya Moore as Angel. CR: Michael Parmelee/FX

Pose resumed shooting back in the fall, and one of the series' stars, Billy Porter, gave an update when he sat down on Live With Kelly and Ryan.

"We are shooting Season 3 right now with all of the COVID protocols in place. It is not the easiest version of filming a television show that I have been a part of, but I am grateful that we are back to work," Porter told Ryan Seacrest and Ali Wentworth, was who was filling in for Kelly Ripa. "Disney is now the parent company of FX, and they have really taken this seriously. They are keeping us all very safe during this process."

What we really want to know is, how are they filming those epic ball scenes that require a room full of actors and extras?

"We're still trying to figure that part out," Porter revealed. "We have not shot any of the balls yet. We have been shooting the scene work, and I believe we are waiting for the ball sequences to hopefully be shooting them in some sort of vaccine situation. So, we are pushing those scenes to next year."

Sounds like we will have to wait a little bit longer to see Blanca and the rest of the House of Evangelista. But when Pose finally returns, we know it will be tens, tens, tens across the board.

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