Children Help Bloodthirsty Syrian Mob Stone Gay ISIS Victims To Death

LGBT rights in ISIS territory are nonexistent.

A homicidal mob that included children gathered in Homs, Syria recently to witness and take part in the execution of two men suspected of being gay.

In a six-minute video posted online by the Islamic State terrorist group, ISIS militants are seen reading a list of charges against the two blindfolded men before leading them across a building roof and throwing them to their death.

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It's unclear if the men died from the fall or were killed by a group of bystanders, many of whom were children, that quickly rushed over to stone the bodies to ensure death.

The video is the latest in a string of horrifying videos to come out of ISIS-controlled land to show the enforcement of a strict "no gays" policy. In ISIS territory, merely being suspected of being gay is a crime punishable by death.

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In March, a Syrian activist described to CNN the horrifying state of living under the ISIS regime. He slammed Western countries for ignoring the severe human rights violations and said, "LGBT people in Syria are not [their] priority, and that would mean that our lives are not worthy for them to rescue."

In all instances of gay men being slaughtered by ISIS reported in Western media, the victims are thrown from building tops to crowds of onlookers who usually stone the bodies of those who aren't killed by the fall.

Though children are visible in the crowd in most of the videos, the latest showing a large number of children actively participating in the savagery is perhaps one of the most disturbing.