Australian Christian Lobby Leader: If Same-Sex Marriage Passes, People May Think I'm Gay

"People no longer assume that I am married to a woman, I have to explain myself."

A common question addressed to opponents of marriage equality is, "But how does it affect you?" Well, someone from the Australian Christian Lobby finally has the answer to that query, and it was well worth the wait.

ACL leader Lyle Shelton has been urging people to vote "no" in Australia's upcoming postal survey regarding marriage equality, and has argued that legalizing same-sex marriage could mean that people might start assuming straight men are gay.

"That affects me straight away," he said in an interview with Sky News last year. "People no longer assume that I am married to a woman, I have to explain myself."

Host Patricia Karvelas asked Shelton to clarify if he feared people may start to think he's gay if the law changes, and he replied that the people may or may not, but "suddenly the terms of my marriage have changed."

We can't begin to imagine the burden of not automatically being assumed to be straight and having to clarify who you're in love with.

Australia's High Court is currently hearing arguments from LGBT activists who want to put a stop to the postal survey in order to have the decision be made by Parliament instead. But if it goes ahead as planned, the ballots will begin to be mailed to Australian citizens on September 12.

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