Pat McCrory, of HB2 Infamy, Eyeing Another Run at NC Governor or for the Senate

The former governor brought a boycott to North Carolina with a so-called "bathroom bill."

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has been relegated to giving his political takes on local radio after bringing a boycott to the state due to his signing the anti-LGBTQ bill HB2 into law, bringing him to national attention, and handing him a defeat in the 2016 gubernatorial race.

Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images

WILMINGTON, NC - NOVEMBER 5: Governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory is welcomed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to speak during a campaign event at the Wilmington International Airport Air Wilmington Hanger in Wilmington, NC on Friday November 04, 2016. (Photo by Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

McCrory, who campaigned with Donald Trump during his presidential election, shared that he still has political ambitions during a recent episode of his morning talk show, on WBT radio in Charlotte. He said he is not only considering running again for governor, in 2020, but is also eyeing a potential U.S. Senate run, in 2022.

McCrory was defeated by Governor Roy Cooper, who opposed HB2 and signed its compromise "repeal" bill, HB142, into law. It kept most of the original law's provisions in place until 2020, including leaving public bathroom policies up to the state and out of the hands of local cities and municipalities, as well as putting a freeze on the ability of those same cities and municipalities from passing non-discrimination ordinances offering protections on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation, for which the state's laws do not provide.

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UNITED STATES - MAY 16 - Protestors gather across the street from the North Carolina state legislative building as they voice their concerns over House Bill 2, in Raleigh, N.C., Monday, May 16, 2016. House Bill 2, also known as the Bathroom Bill, which requires transgender people to use the public restroom matching the sex on their birth certificate, has received the attention of national media and the White House. (Photo By Al Drago/CQ Roll Call)

McCrory first ruled out running in a special election in the 9th Congressional District, should one be held. That race has still not been certified, with concerns of possible voter fraud involving absentee ballots preventing the declaration of a winner. The Republican in that race, Mark Harris, an anti-LGBTQ preacher, recently met with state election investigators to answer questions about what, if anything, he knew of illegal activity.

"I’m going to do a thorough assessment about running for governor, or Senate in 2022, but I’m not ready to make either decision," McCrory said.

"But I'm not ready to make either decision," he continued. "And a lot of people are saying, 'Now, wait a minute, McCrory, you can't wait any longer, this is the time you make political announcements. I'm not ready to make that political announcement, because I have other goals and aspirations. And plus, I'd be getting right back into the game that I've been criticizing: The game of graveling for money two years before an election even occurs."

He also shared that he has received feedback from supporters telling him he should run for governor again, but that he is also aware there are many who are "tired" of him and "didn't like (him) to begin with."

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