Homobiles and Lyft: Gay Travel Fab in San Francisco

Sure, everyone knows that San Francisco has great public transit. From the world famous cable cars to the BART subway line that sprawls throughout the city, it's simple to get around this hilly town on the cheap. But what if you'd rather go by car? Well, there are two new options for getting around town in San Francisco that are super fun, and totally gay.

Lyft is an app-based car service that allows drivers to use their own cars and pick up people around town. The only catch - you have to put a giant pink mustache on the front of your car and allow your car to be tracked via GPS so users can see when you're arriving.

[caption id="attachment_93003" align="aligncenter" width="500"]It's easy to spot a lyft car It's easy to spot a Lyft car[/caption]

Paying for Lyft is simple, you pre-load your credit card information into the app and at the end of your trip there is a suggested amount that you pay your driver. If you're driver is awesome, add a tip. Had a bad trip? You can pay what you think the driver deserves. The drivers are friendly and aim for you to give them high marks at the end of the service when you will be prompted to rate your ride.

We took a car with a driver that was so eager to please we were not only in complete control of the radio dial, we were also able to select as much candy as we wanted from the wide selection of treats provided.

While Lyft isn't necessarily a gay company, the pink mustache makes it super cute to roll up into the Castro in.

If you want to go the super gay way, then you absolutely must check out Homobiles. This proposed non-profit service is fairly new, but provides a great service. The suggested amount to pay is $1 per minute, but you can give them whatever you're able to provide. If you're a performer trying to get about town, or stayed out and imbibed too much, or just a member of the LGBTQIA community, you're welcome to hitch a ride.

All you have to do to get a Homobile to take you around is text the dispatcher at 415-574-5023. In your text write your name, what you look like (you can also message a photo if that's easier) where you are, and how many passengers you're bringing with you. We tried using the service as late as 2AM and in the middle of the day and received prompt replies and great rides around town.

One of our drivers was a Drag King who provided us with not only a safe ride, but these fun trading cards:

homobiles trading cards

Next time you're in San Francisco looking to get around town, try one of these fun alternatives to the trolly and roll up looking fabulous!

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