Adorable Teen Works Up Courage To Ask Boy To Prom

"I've never felt so included, so safe and so accepted for who I am."

In a video posted to YouTube, an adorable high school senior finally got the chance to ask a boy to go with him to prom.

The video shows the senior, named Ari, giving a farewell speech in front of some of his closest friends who he will be leaving after graduation.

"These past four years—I cannot believe I'm actually standing here doing this—these past four years have been the best of my life, there's no other way to put it," he begins.

"This has been an incredible place for me to my home away from home. I've never felt so included, so safe and so accepted for who I am."

He goes on to talk about the years in high school he spent in the closet and how he can now say "with absolute certainty that I am not straight, heterosexual, whatever."

The group erupts into cheers, with many screaming "ARI WE LOVE YOU!" as the senior turns to stand in the center of the circle.

Once the clapping dies down, Ari picks back up: "On that note, Hey Mark! Would you do me the honor, as a leader and as a friend, to go to my Senior Prom with me?"

According to the video description, "Mark [had] always hoped that one day he'd be able to go to prom with a guy," so it's no surprise that when the camera pans to him, he bursts into tears.

He stands and enthusiastically says yes to Ari's question and as the two hug, their best friends scream and cheer around them.

Check it out below!