Trans Woman Arrested After Being Harassed for Using the Women's Bathroom

Police in Shelby, North Carolina referred to her as a "male identifying as a female."

A transgender woman in North Carolina was charged with disorderly conduct after a scuffle with a man who complained that she was using a women's restroom.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the situation began when 22-year-old Michael Lloyd, a trans woman, went to use the women's bathroom at a Denny's in Shelby. One man complained to the establishment that Lloyd was using the same bathroom as his cisgender wife—and when police came to the scene, they told the angry customer that Lloyd was legally allowed to use the restroom that aligns with her gender identity, reports The Shelby Star.

While police were present, however, Lloyd reportedly began to use expletives outside the Denny's. When the customer who'd complained went back into the restaurant, Lloyd followed and spit at him and his family. She was then charged with disorderly conduct by police, who referred to her as a "male identifying as a female" in their report.

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In a statement to the Charlotte Observer, Denny's maintains that it does not tolerate discrimination in its establishments.

"Our bathrooms policies across the country allow guests to use the bathroom of their gender identity," a company rep told the paper.

Notably, North Carolina's statewide nondiscrimination protections are notoriously exclusionary of LGBTQ people. The state continues to face economic backlash for passing anti-LGBTQ legislation, including major production companies like Netflix pulling their resources and canceling their plans to film in the region.

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