Music Monday: 5 Songs You Need to Hear Today

A soundtrack for your midsummer nights' dreams.

NewNowNext spotlights new music by upcoming and established artists we think you should know about. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

Blood Orange – “Benzo”

The category is Marie Antoinette Realness, and it’s tens across the board for Dev Hynes. Flaunting an innovative mix of neo-soul beats and that signature Blood Orange sax—not to mention an excellent cameo from a cello—“Benzo” is one of many great cuts from his inspired new mixtape, Angel's Pulse.

Branjae – “Street Light”

Oklahoma-based Branjae just released this message-heavy throwback R&B groove, which salutes survivors of domestic violence and celebrates the empowerment and inner strength born out of hardship. Her voice is as powerful as it is gentle on a track bolstered by funky jazz percussion and fizzing with undeniable energy.

Cub Sport (feat. Mallrat) - “Video”‬

“Video” features Cub Sport and Mallrat engaging in a low-key battle for the title of Most Ethereal. The song focuses on personal growth and living a life free of judgment, while its accompanying clip nods to their favorite aughties celebrities to serve up a gender-defying visual feast we can’t stop bingeing.

Montaigne – “Ready”

If you haven’t heard of Montaigne, just know she’s a voice you won’t soon forget and that she's here to sing about more than just love and heartache. Her latest track tackles climate change, attempting to galvanize today’s youth to take action. If it offers hope for the future, it also foreshadows good things to come from the Sydney-based songwriter, whose new album, Complex, is due this summer.

King Princess – “Prophet”

We've reached a point where we hang on Mikaela Straus' every word, feeling 100 percent in her shoes thanks to her relatable songwriting and compelling, versatile arrangements. “Prophet” is the first peek from her upcoming record and sees her broadening her range with some badass electric guitar noodling atop her trademark swagger. Was this woman born in a studio?

Photo: Branjae shot by Josh New.