Happy 28th Anniversary, "Designing Women": Julia Sugarbaker's 5 Best Rants

Designing Women turns 28 today—CBS debuted the Emmy-winning sitcom on September 29, 1986, introducing the world to four women with grace, strength and intelligence. The show had so much going for it—its four amazing leads; sharp writing by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, the confidence to address social issues—that it remains a gay classic today.

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One element of Designing Women that we truly relish are Julia Sugarbaker's legendary rants. The woman pretty much invented reading—and her combination of wrath, impatience and superiority could turn a beauty queen into a weeping puddle of mush.

Below, we're sharing 5 great clips of the late Dixie Carter as Julia Sugarbaker, throwing a plantation's worth of shade. Perfect for viewing when some poor fool gets on your last nerve.

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5. Julia reads a socialite for filth for suggesting AIDS is "God's punishment."

4. Julia threatens Charlene for messing up her chance to meet Jimmy Carter.

3. Julia schools a Yankee journalist on what Southerners have—and haven't—eaten.

2. Julia tears into a right-wing radio host about Christian values and patriotism.

1. Julia reads a beauty pageant contestant for filth for talking trash about Suzanne.

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