Disney Features Same-Sex Kiss In "Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil"

So far, the sweet moment hasn't stirred up any controversy.

A bit of LGBT visibility came from an unlikely source last week when Disney featured a same-sex kiss on an episode of its hit TV show Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil.

The smooch was subtly slipped into a concert scene showing several different couples embracing during a slow song.

Without comment, two men are briefly seen locking lips before the attention shifts to other pairs in the arena.

While it's important to create art that acknowledges the struggles of being an LGBT-identifying person, it's also necessary to represent queer people living their lives as normal humans doing everyday things like sharing a quiet kiss at a packed concert.

As Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar said in an interview last fall, “[When we exclude] LGBT content from children’s media, a clear statement is being made that this is something that should be ignored."

Hopefully, this move means Disney is ready to stop ignoring queer storylines and better embrace the LGBT community.

h/t: Gaily Grind

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