This Buff Jesus Statue Definitely Lifts, Bro

Merry Christmas, Jacked Jesus.

A new South Korean statue of Jesus Christ depicts the messiah like we've never seen him before, complete with muscular quads, beefy arms and a pair of massive pecs.

Though most modern interpretations of the Holy Son include a set of chiseled abs and maybe some arm definition, this new statue suggests that when Jesus wasn't busy walking on water or giving sight to the blind, he spent his days getting swole AF.

The image was originally shared on Imgur, where it has since amassed nearly two million views. While the photo itself is pretty funny, what's really great about it are the hundreds of comments people have left on the post.

"We get it, you crossfit," wrote one.

"Do u ever resurrect, bro?" added another.

And my personal favorite: “And verily did Jesus lift on every day; and lo, he skippeth not leg day. And there was much rejoicing and yelling of ‘bro!’.”

h/t: Bro Bible

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