Bea Spicy With These New “Golden Girls” Hot Sauces

Are you a Desert Rose or a Hot Slut?

Talk about a hot flash!

You can never go wrong when gifting Golden Girls merch, whether it be a Golden Girls-themed Clue game or a homemade set of crocheted Golden Girls dolls.

But retailer Always Fits is kicking up the Miami heat with their new line of hot sauces inspired by the show's four iconic characters: Bea Spicy (Dorothy), Desert Rose (Rose), Sicilian Fire (Sophia), and Hot Slut (Blanche).

Desert Rose and Bea Spicy are made from jalapeños, while the even spicier Sicilian Fire and Hot Slut blends are habanero-based. The sauces sell for $10 a piece and $32 for the full set.

As a bonus, each cheeky and colorful bottle includes a spicy cheesecake recipe that'll have you fanning your loins on the lanai.

Always Fits also recently introduced a set of Golden Girls prayer candles that you may need in the bathroom after consuming too much Hot Slut.