Announce Your Gayness To Absolutely Everyone You See With A Swish Embassy T-Shirt

For the man who gives off a "gay or European?" vibe.

Listen up, gay men who want absolutely everyone on Earth to know that you are gay. There is a t-shirt company just for you!

Swish Embassy, the company that prides itself on making the kind of tacky pride apparel you actually want to wear, has a design for just about every kind of gay.

The company's website reads: "Inspired by vacations to gay destinations like Provincetown and Fort Lauderdale, Swish Embassy was meant to bring about an alternative to the typical corny, ill-fitting, pride-inspired apparel you'd find at some boutiques. Essentially it came down to: 'Wouldn't it be nice if they made shirts that I would actually wear?'"

Check out some of our favorite Swish Embassy styles below:

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