High School Teacher Suspended For Showing 1950s Film Claiming All Gay Men Are Pedophiles

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A history teacher in Peculiar, Missouri has been suspended indefinitely for showing students a 1959 "stranger danger" video that likens all gay men to pedophiles and criminals, purportedly to show students "how things have changed."

Ken Simon, a teacher at Raymore Peculiar High School for the last 47 years, received the notice of his suspension with pay just weeks before he was due to retire.

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The film, an archaic propaganda flick produced by the Inglewood California police department, depicts a developing relationship between a boy, "Jimmy," and "Ralph," an adult with less an honorable intentions.

"You see, Ralph’s a homosexual, a person who demands an intimate relationship with members of their own sex," the film plainly states.

Simon was after students complained. "Yeah. It says [homosexuality] is a mental illness," he told Fox 4. "And I stopped it and I said, 'we do not view homosexuality like that today. This is 1959.'"

Since the suspension, a petition asking the school district to reinstate Simon has been launched.

"Everyone who knows him knows how wonderful he is," says Donna McDonald, whose family includes 20 of Simon's former pupils. "If there were more teachers like him, it would be a better place. We have to stand behind our teachers."

Below, check out the full "Boys Beware" film:

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