Conversion Therapy Survivor Garrard Conley Confronts Former Leader in Powerful Video

Logo sat Conley and ex-gay leader McKrae Game down for a charged face-to-face conversation.

Activist and conversion therapy survivor Garrard Conley is sitting down face-to-face with McKrae Game, a former leader of one of the nation's biggest conversion therapy groups.

In the inaugural video for Logo's new Face to Face series, Conley—whose heart-wrenching memoir Boy Erased was turned into a feature film in 2018—spoke directly with Game for the first time. Although Game has since come out as gay and denounced the deadly practice he helped perpetuate, the former leader of the so-called "ex-gay movement" witnessed the devastating effects of conversion therapy firsthand when closeted LGBTQ people he worked with attempted suicide.


McKrae Game (L) in conversation with Garrard Conley for Logo.

"I really didn't even mean to do counseling," Game told Conley of his work as an ex-gay minister.

"Did you feel like you were qualified for that role?" Conley asked.

"No," Game admitted. "I was not."

Conversion therapy is estimated to affect some 700,000 LGBTQ youth in the United States alone. The debunked practice is proven to have devastating repercussions for survivors, including increased risks of depression, PTSD, and death by suicide. Still, more than half of states in the U.S. have no laws on the books restricting it, a fact Conley—and Game—hope to change.

Watch Conley and Game's charged one-on-one conversation below.

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