The Numbers Are In: The Rainbow Wave Was Real and Massive

Representation matters, and these candidates can now make a positive difference for their communities.

The midterms brought with it much talk of a blue wave, with hopes Democrats could take back power from the Republicans and throw up roadblocks to the Trump administration's agenda.

While pundits and politicos continue to argue whether it truly manifested, the rainbow wave came crashing down without ambiguity.

In total, there were more than 600 openly LGBTQ candidates who launched bids for office this year, with 432 making it onto the ballot. A total of 56.5% of openly LGBTQ candidates won their races, including over 70% of those endorsed by Victory Fund. The organization has released data that further illustrates how those candidates fared in this election season.

More candidates ran and won in the state legislatures, with nearly 200 on the ballot in those races, 110 of whom were successful. Local races, not including mayor, was the next largest group, with 80 candidates winning in those races.

Notably, a number of transgender candidates won their elections and will now be able to work toward protections for the community, working against the Trump administration's continued war on their rights.

Explore the numbers below, via Victory Fund.

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