Max Greenfield Is Gross and Hot, Dylan Sprayberry Is Too Hairy To Be A "Teen Wolf": CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Stephen Amell invites you to watch his crotch, Joe McElderry has hot bedhead, Keegan Hirst is a hot builder

I feel the sudden need to have some work done on my house

Did I ever tell you about when I was in the ymca.... #not #builder

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I do love a pair of dirty boys

#bestCaption wins a #follow. #HOOKED @kylekriegerhair

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Is he in mourning for the death of rock and roll?

So excited to be on the cover of this issue of @benjiknewman ! Check it out :D

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The torch has been passed. Quite literally in this case

Firestorm is in great hands. ?? But I'll be back. ?

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I like to think this is what he looks like after great sex. With me

Been so lazy all day!! Daytime TV overdose but sometimes it just has to happen! And also haven't brushed my hair! ??

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Life is really, really hard for Colton

Santa Barbara mornings

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Zachary visits the red light district

rolling up to @balmainxhm with @milesmcmillan in the red light.

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Is there anything cuter than a hot dad working out with his adorable son?


I've had dreams that started like this...

Does anyone else find it ironic they're shaving a werewolf because he's too hairy?

Is there a word for hot and gross at the same time? Surely the Germans have something...

Kellan lives the good life

No. Please god no