Tyler Oakley Documentary Gets Release, Nick Grimshaw Is Dangerous: MEME

HLN gets trolled hard, Raven-Symoné makes Rick Santorum admit gay parents can be good parents, are gay porn stars racist?

On a programming note, while my plans to take a long weekend and enjoy the Halloween festivities at Busch Gardens have been canceled due to Hurricane Joaquin, I'm still taking Friday off, and possibly Saturday depending on what I find to do. I've had two vacations ruined this year. I'm thinking the universe doesn't believe in me having fun. But if I don't see you Saturday night, I'll see you on Monday, which is three days sooner than I planned.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and cast and producers of Star Trek Beyond held a press conference in Dubai to kick off their filming there. Producer Jeffrey Chernov said “We came searching for the future and we found it in Dubai. Dubai represents the future of what the frontier would be like in our film, and is an excellent place to shoot the movie as well as a special opportunity for all of us. This is not just the third of three movies, but has a new, refreshing twist, and Dubai’s great visuals really fit the story.” I'd like to point out that their "future" has a ten year prison sentence for homosexuality, and Zachary Quinto brought his boyfriend Miles McMillan along for the shoot, so I'll be honest, their future sucks balls, which will probably land it in jail.

The owners of the Sweet Cakes bakery that was ordered to pay a $135,000 judgment for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple still hasn't paid the money, despite a crowdfunding campaign that netted them $500,000. According to their lawyer, they're asking for "a stay while the Oregon Court of Appeals considers the Klein's case, asserting payment would lead to 'financial ruin.'" You'll recall that the judgment actually pays out to the women whose cake they refused to bake, not the state.

An update on that casting notice that Westworld extras would be totally naked and have genital-to-genital contact. HBO says that they and the producers never approved that notice, and that they are reviewing it with the casting company that wrote it. But there's also a report that rather than paying the standard $157/day rate, they're shelling out $600/day to each extra in the scene. SAG-AFTRA is pissed, saying their contract allows anyone doing a sexual or nude scene to back out at any time.

The World Health Organization has updated their guidelines for PrEP, and are recommending they be prescribed for all at-risk groups, including men who have sex with men. "It now recommends that anyone at “substantial risk” of contracting HIV be offered the use of PrEP – under dramatic changes which could see the drug offered to sex workers, injecting drug users and straight serodiscordant couples." Their treatment plans for those who already have HIV are now to prescribe antiretroviral drugs to everyone, where previous guidelines were based on the health of the person in some countries, something I wasn't aware of until last year.

Are gay porn stars racist? According to many in the industry, the answer is yes. Mr. Pam says "I interview anyone I’m trying to cast and that’s one of the questions I ask: “Are you into guys of all ethnicities” and often they don’t want to work with certain races." Connor Habib says "It’s tricky because you don’t want people to engage in sexual acts that they don’t want to do. You might say to a performer, 'Look, okay, that’s not where you’re at right now, I get it, but you really might want to think about that if you want to continue to work in this industry.' There has to be an encouraging cultural conversation around it within the industry."

Peruvian congressman Julio Rosas, who Liberty Counsel claimed gave them the now debunked photo of a soccer stadium full of people praying for Kim Davis is denying that he had anything to do with the photo. Why do these religious people lie so much? Isn't that frowned upon by their god?

Snervous Tyler Oakley, the documentary of Tyler Oakley's worldwide Slumber Party tour will get worldwide release by Awesomeness Films. Oakley says “I feel so lucky to partner with Awesomeness to bring my story to the big screen. I started out making videos as a way to connect and am thrilled by the opportunity to share one of the most exhilarating years of my life."

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has asked a federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit Kim Davis has brought against him for "ordering" her to issue marriage licenses as a result of the Supreme Court decision. Beshear notes that neither he nor anybody else she sued has anything to do with the issuing of marriage licenses in the state of Kentucky, which “demonstrates the absurdity of Davis’ argument.” Her argument has been absurd from the beginning, but that hasn't stopped her from pursuing it.

Speaking of small and petty people, Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson is refusing to allow same sex parents to list both their names on their children's birth certificates, which means the ACLU is suing him, and he's going to lose, but not before spending a ton of taxpayer money to lose.

Every year Intel Security releases a list of "dangerous celebrities" to search for, based on how often their name leads you to malware infected sites. Generally it's hot female models and actresses, but on the British list, out The X Factor judge Nick Grimshaw ranked third.

When Rick Santorum came on The View, Raven-Symoné questioned him about his opposition to marriage equality. Once the crowd stopped cheering for her, he started down the path to parenthood, which is his favorite reason. But Raven-Symoné then asked him why same-sex parents couldn't provide a stable home for kids, and he was forced to admit that they could, but their biological parents would be even better.

While I wouldn't have called this a Scientifically Accurate Flipper, because the only thing it has in common with the show is that it's about dolphin behavior, it's still fascinating. Dolphis are remarkably like us, intelligent, social. And like us, they engage in masturbation, mourning, and rape.

If you needed any proof that HLN was on autopilot these days, watch professional troll Jon Hendren get on air in one of their viewer segments, which was about Edward Snowden and his new Twitter account. He's subtle at first, but he's talking about a different Edward S., and as the segment goes on, he gets more and more blatant about it. Yet the CNN anchor just follows her script, with questions about Edward Snowden, never bothering to listen to what is being said, and knowing that she's being trolled. Maybe it's time to shutdown HLN.

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