"American Idol" Gets First Out Contestant, MK Nobilette: “I’m Very Obviously Gay”

American Idol M.K. Nobilette

American Idol introduced its first openly gay contestant last night—MK Nobilette a 20-year-old lesbian from San Francisco.

While there have been plenty of gays on AI—Adam Lambert and Jim Ververos come to mind—none spoke about their sexuality on camera. (Whether that's the fault of the show's producers, or the contestants themselves, we can't say.)

“I’m very obviously gay," Nobilette told Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. "And there are always gonna be people in America and everywhere else who will definitely hate me. But I think that in the last two years there have been a lot of things that have really changed that, and have made it a positive thing.”

The judges admitted that MK's unconventional style may make it hard for her in the music business, but were supportive overall. In fact Nobilette was chosen as one of Season 13's Top 30.

Below, in her Road to Hollywood video, Nobilette discusses how The Little Mermaid inspired her, and says she was encouraged to audition by her aunt. who loves the show.  (AmericanIdolNet dug up a little more info on MK and her girlfriend, Casey Ellis.)

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