Macklemore Is One Of The "Voices United" Because Of LGBT Families: WATCH

Rapper and ally Macklemore takes a break from dominating the charts to call out his support for Voices United, a campaign to reinforce the separation of Church and State. (Voices United were the folks who gave us Jane Lynch and Jordan Peele as a '70s soul-singing duo)

"All families deserve respect. All parents deserve support—whether their straight or gay," Mac explains in the video above. "I want a government that doesn't discriminate... that doesn't try to use religion to define what makes us a family."

Voices United wants you to lend your support to the campaign, which will culminate in nationwide weekend of concerts raising awareness for the cause:

We are looking for a short video (speaking into your camera phone is great!) of you telling the world about why you support church-state separation.

Have you ever felt like a second-class citizen due to your beliefs or lack of belief? Are you horrified by the influence the Catholic hierarchy and Religious Right are wielding in the healthcare debate? Are you furious at the multiple proposals by Congress to fund religion and deny civil rights to citizens?

To tie the project together, we ask that you end your video with the words, “this is why I am one of the voices united for separation of church and state.”

Videos should be posted to YouTube and links should be emailed to and may be posted on our website and featured on Facebook and Twitter.

Support a good cause, catch a great concert, and maybe snag a little Internet fame? It's all good!

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